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pieces of berlin hat sich kleinheimlich in den winterschlaf gelegt. weiter geht’s hier 2020. pob wünscht euch allen einen tollen start ins neue jahr! alles liebste!!! 🎉🎈

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Nuremberg is a lively city with a lot of medieval flair, a rich offer of art and culture and delicious culinary specialities.

The Imperial Castle and Albrecht Dürer are inextricably linked to Nuremberg, but there are many other attractive sights to be discovered here: the picturesque Old Town with its historical building ensembles, the imposing Old Town churches and romantically winding alleys, the deeply hidden rocky passages as well as the famous St. Johannis Cemetery or Nuremberg Zoo. Here we introduce you to some of the most interesting sights.

Every city is proud of its culinary specialities – in the case of Nuremberg, two international export hits can be named at once! Nuremberg gingerbread is famous and much loved all over the world. Especially at Christmas time you can eat and buy them at every corner of Nuremberg. Nuts, honey and various spices such as cinnamon, cloves and cardamom are ingredients of the still secret recipe of the original Nuremberg Gingerbread. You can always enjoy them, because this Nuremberg speciality is available all year round. In addition, Nuremberg and the Franconian region is famous and unique for its density of small breweries. Beer is a true cultural asset here.

In order to experience the city and to explore it comfortably, there are numerous lovely guesthouses in Nuremberg, easy to book via Expedia.