anuar; 50; imam;
“berlin ist meine stadt. freiheit und viele freundliche
leute gibt es hier!”, sagt der gebürtige libyer.
was ihm nicht so gut gefällt: viele junge einwanderer
haben hier probleme und sind schlecht integriert.
sein lieblingskiez: weißensee.

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2 Responses to berlin – der anuar

  1. Kelly Miller says:

    Thanks for your comments on my post! I really do love your work. I am trying to develop my own project at the moment, using oral histories more so than photographs. Are you affiliated with a particular collective/initiative? Did you start doing this project totally of your own accord? I really enjoy browsing the images every week. Wonderful : )

  2. hi kelly – thx a lot.
    i am doing everything alone, and that’s fine. :)
    except the excursions in genova and vienna i did together with friends!

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